Our products for gas treatment

Gas coolers, Gas heaters

Gas coolers and gas heaters

Gas coolers and Gas heaters

The life of engines in combined heat and power systems is substantially increased by gas preparation plants as pollutants and moisture are withdrawn in a targeted manner. Our heat exchangers are specially suited for the preparation of biogas and sewage gas. These are used in small plants with approx. 50 Nm³/h as well as plants up to 2000 Nm³/h gas throughput.

In the gas cooler, the gas is dehumidified and damaging pollutants are removed with the resulting condensate.

In the gas heater the process gas is heated in order to prevent the formation of condensate in the downstream components of the CHP system.

Single components can be delivered as horizontal as well as vertical models and complete solutions on base frames with water chillers and condensate containers.

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