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Exhaust components for Jenbacher J624 engines

2018-02-08 12:45

In cooperation with AIR-SONIC, enkotherm supplied the complete exhaust gas line for a project in Southern Germany. The CHP plant is equipped with two engines of the type GE Jenbacher J624 and is operated by a local energy supplier. The scope of delivery consisted of primary and secondary silencers, HT- and LT- exhaust gas heat exchangers, a bypass in DN800 with electric modulating drive to bypass the LT- heat exchanger, and a SCR catalyst system, which is initially only equipped with an oxidation catalyst. However, according to future developments for exhaust emissions, the installation may be upgraded to a SCR system.

The exhaust gas heat exchangers were designed for a maximum operating temperature of 160°C and a maximum operating pressure of 22 bar. Thus, they fall into category 4 of the Pressure Equipment Directive and have been approved by TÜV.

In the execution of this project, with its very special requirements, our long years of experience in heat exchanger construction were of great benefit.


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