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Gas drying unit with recuperator

2016-09-14 16:59

This project shows another possibility for the dehumidification of biogas or sewage gas. The gas drying unit consists of a gas-gas heat exchanger (so-called recuperator) and a gas-liquid heat exchanger with water chiller and condensate container on base frame.

By entering the recuperator, the gas is pre-cooled and a part of the moisture is already condensed. Then in the gas-liquid heat exchanger a further cooling takes place by the circulating water from the water chiller. Subsequently, the gas stream is heated on the secondary side of the recuperator.

Since there may be variations in the gas inlet temperature due to weather conditions, there can be affects to the function of the recuperator. So enkotherm recommends using a separate gas-liquid heat exchanger for reheating. This option is more reliable and also the investment costs are lower.

As this project was a replacement of an installation from a competitor, the customer was explicitly asking for the recuperator concept in order to have similar connections.

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