Warm water, hot water, or thermal oil -
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Exhaust gas heat exchangers

Exhaust gas heat exchangers
for CHP plants

Exhaust gas heat exchangers

Exhaust gas heat exchangers are used in order to increase the degree of efficiency of stationary engines which, for instance are found in combined heat and power (CHP) plants. The energy from the cooling of the exhaust gas is usually used for heating water or thermal oil.

Often also multi-step exhaust gas heat exchanger concepts are carried out in which the exhaust gas is cooled below the condensation point. In this way the energy of the exhaust gas including the heating value part can be efficiently used.

Typical applications are local and district heating, swimming pools, absorption cooling plants and other industrial uses. Our exhaust gas heat exchangers can be provided as individual components or complete solutions with associated safety technology, exhaust gas bypass and catalyst chamber.

The materials and components for the respective individual cases of our customers are selected suited to the requirements of the plant.

enkotherm exhaust gas heat exchangers are the equipment of choice used by many well-known engine manufacturers and plant constructors.

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